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About Us:

Alexander and Patricia Brenner live in Huntington Station, Long Island, New York with a much loved Vizsla named Penny.

Graphic Artists by trade, Alex and Trish became seriously involved with developing healthy, safe pet treats after a very unfortunate experience involving the loss of a neighbor's pet due to melamine poisoning from imported pet treats.

Founded by Alexander Brenner in September of 2008, To Shea Inc.™ was established to provide all natural, wholesome pet treats using only human grade ingredients. Many small companies make use of larger manufacturing facilities to produce “private label” products. At To Shea™, all of our products are made at our own location, by us and under our direct control. We only purchase fresh USDA Grade A Chicken Breast and USDA Choice Top Round London Broil Beef Steak... the same meats you would buy for your family.
All our meats are fully cooked before dehydrating. We operate under the strictest guidelines to ensure that your pet receives the safest and highest quality products.
All To Shea™ Products are Made in the USA!


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