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Company History:

Shea was a beautiful, energetic, eight week old male Vizsla puppy when he came to live with his new family (our neighbors). All veterinary examinations (by the breeders vet, and his new family’s vet) indicated that he was a healthy puppy with all expectations for a full, normal, healthy life. What a joy it was to see this little guy so happy and playful in his new home!

As Shea entered his fifth month of life, he began to show signs of fatigue and a loss of appetite. He was losing weight. Within a short period of time, he was admitted to the emergency veterinary hospital. After extensive (and expensive) testing, it was determined that Shea was experiencing massive kidney failure. After many attempts to save him, there was no other option than to hug this loving little guy for the last time, and say goodbye.

Based on test results, it was determined that the most likely explanation for the sudden and disastrous change in Shea’s physical condition was due to poisoning – the most likely culprit being the imported store-bought dog treats which he had consumed daily. In consideration of the multitude of recalls, reports of tainted products, and the many incidences of melamine detected in imported pet products, this was a logical conclusion.

Anyone who has ever loved a pet can understand how upset we all were. We just couldn’t believe it. We were stunned and furious. How could a “treat”... a reward for good behavior... cause such a tragedy? “This should never have happened” seemed to be everyone’s response.

Being personally involved in this heartbreaking situation, my husband and I swore that we would never again buy anything imported for our own dog. We have a five year old female Vizsla named “Penny”. Every time we went to the pet store, we spent a considerable amount of time reading labels – we only wanted to purchase products made in the USA. It was not easy to find many products which fit our criteria, so we decided to make our own treats for Penny. It made us happy to know that she was getting a safe, healthy treat, and at the same time, she absolutely loved them! She was so excited every time we offered her our treats that we wanted to share these good products with our family and friends. Every pet owner had the same response... “Our dog LOVES these treats – you should sell them!”

And so, To Shea Inc.™ was created, as a tribute to this beautiful little puppy who’s life ended much too soon, and to give pet owners an option to purchase healthy, safe treats – treats made right here in the USA. The concept for the company may have evolved out of tragedy, but our hopes and expectations are that Shea will be remembered for providing the inspiration to bring better products to pet owners.

Founded by Alexander Brenner in September of 2008, To Shea Inc.™ was established to provide all natural, wholesome pet treats using only human grade ingredients. Many small companies make use of larger manufacturing facilities to produce “private label” products. At To Shea™ all of our products are made at our own location, by us and under our direct control. We only purchase fresh USDA Grade A Chicken Breast and USDA Choice Top Round London Broil Beef Steak... the same meats you would buy for your family. All our meats are fully cooked before dehydrating. We operate under the strictest guidelines to ensure that your pet receives the safest and highest quality products.

Our products have been tested, analyzed and approved by Midwest Laboratories, a highly respected laboratory in Omaha, Nebraska, and our manufacturing processes were submitted to, and approved by Cornell University’s Department of Food Science & Technology in Geneva, New York. We are registered with, and received the permit to distribute our products from, the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets. Our products are Veterinarian approved, and endorsed by Dr. Elizabette Cohen, a NYS Licensed and USDA Accredited Veterinarian, author of "Most of My Patients Wear Fur: Tales of Small Animals and Their Big City Vet", and host of "Healthy and Happy Pet" reports heard on WCBS 880 News Radio. We have done extensive research and taken all the extra steps necessary to ensure that we are offering a high quality, safe product.

At present, To Shea™ exclusively offers chicken and beef treats for dogs and cats. We anticipate expanding our product line for pets in the future, but rest assured, we will always offer only American made products.


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Shea, We will Love You Forever

Our Friend Shea as a Puppy

shea at play

Rick and Ray Playing With Shea






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