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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the difference between the Chewy treats and the Extra Crispy treats?

All of our treats are made with 100% Human Grade Quality Meats. The only difference between the Chewy treats and the Extra Crispy treats is the moisture content of the products.
Simply stated, the Chewy treats need to be kept Refrigerated, and the Extra Crispy treats do not need Refrigeration.
Our Chewy Treats are Fully Cooked, then dehydrated just long enough to bring out the full flavor of the meat and enable the treats to be stored and still stay fresh - But they MUST be refrigerated because of the higher moisture content. (This product is shipped with an FDA approved frozen gel pack).
The Extra Crispy Treats are also Fully Cooked, but they are dehydrated much longer, which enables them to be stored unrefrigerated and still stay fresh.
We offer both varieties since many pets prefer the softer, moister, Chewy type, but the Extra Crispy offers the same delicious taste with the added convenience of shelf-life stability, so you can travel with them or leave them out for your pet to enjoy at anytime.


Why do you state that your treats are fully cooked...aren't all chicken and beef treats for pets fully cooked?

NO! Most chicken and beef pet treats are dehydrated RAW meat; this could lead to conditions causing illness due to salmonella, e-coli, campylobacter, and other bacterial contamination.
All of our products are fully cooked before dehydrating, eliminating such hazards.


What is meant by the term "ash" on the guaranteed analysis?

Ash is NOT an additive - it is merely the residual matter of the product after it has been exposed to extreamly high temperatures (approx. 600°C) for a period of time during which the product is burned, or incinerated, until all that remains is "ash". It represents the mineral content of the food.

Who is the dog on the label?

The dog on the label (and this website) is our very own, much loved Vizsla - "Penny"!
She is our official company "taste tester" and has enthusiastically approved of our products!


To Shea™ treats seem so wholesome... can I eat them too?

At this time, we have the permit and license to sell To Shea™ treats as pet treats only. Someday, we will apply for the proper certifications to be able to market these same treats as human-consumable products, but for now they must be sold as pet treats only. I must confess that we do eat them ourselves, but we are not permitted to recommend them for any purpose other than pet treats.


I took some chicken treats out of the bag and left them out overnight on my counter. The next day I noticed that there was a white coating on some of the treats. What is that?

The white coating is merely the natural fluid from the chicken which has air-dried.
We actually sent samples to Midwest Laboratories in Omaha, Nebraska, and
here is their analysis:
"The white colored material on the chicken samples is dehydrated tissue "fluid" composed of a
variety of materials, including some fat globules and also collagen. There are some salt granules, but they appear to be condensates from tissue fluid and not from added spices.
There is no evidence of microbial or fungal contamination."

So there is nothing to worry about - the white coating does not affect the taste of the chicken and it is perfectly safe.


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