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Product Advantages:

• Human Grade Quality Meats!
All of our products are made with Human Grade Quality Meats;
USDA Grade A Chicken Breast and USDA Choice Top Round London Broil Beef Steak... the same meats you would buy for your family.

• Our Products Are 100% Pure Meat!
No fillers, no wheat, no corn, no preservatives, no artificial flavors or colors,
no by-products, gluten free.

• Fully Cooked!
Did you know that most pet treat chicken and beef strips from other companies are dehydrated raw meat... this could lead to conditions causing illness due to salmonella,
e-coli, campylobacter, and other bacterial contamination.
All of our products are fully cooked before dehydrating, eliminating such hazards.

• Made In The USA!
There have been so many problems with imported pet treats and pet food; in consideration of the multitude of recalls, reports of tainted products, and the many incidences of melamine detected in imported pet products, we are proud to say that all of our treats are Made In The USA.

• Great For Dogs And Cats With Allergies!
Unless your pet is specifically allergic to chicken or beef, our products are safe for your pet.

• Safe For Diabetic Dogs And Cats!
There are no added sugars or carbohydrates; the perfectly safe treat for your diabetic pet.

• Great Training Reward!
If you are going the use the recommended “reward method” to train your pet, what better way to achieve your goals than to use a treat that your pet loves to work for?
Every pet we’ve met just loves these treats!

• A Healthy Treat!
You can feel great about giving your pet a healthy treat... and it’s so delicious that they will thank you for it! It is surprising to read how many ingredients and preservatives are used in some pet treat products - many of which are not healthy for your pet. To Shea’s Pet Treats are simply 100% chicken or beef.

• Quality Control!
All of our products are made at our own location, by us and under our direct control. We do not use a large manufacturing facility to produce our treats as a “private label” product.
We operate under the strictest guidelines to ensure that your pet receives the safest and highest quality products.

• Extensive Testing!
Our products have been tested, analyzed and approved by Midwest Laboratories, a highly respected laboratory in Omaha, Nebraska, and our manufacturing processes were submitted to, and approved by Cornell University’s Department of Food Science & Technology in Geneva, New York.

• Registered and Licensed!
We are registered with, and received the permit to distribute our products from, the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets. We have done extensive research and taken all the extra steps necessary to ensure that we are offering a high quality, safe product.

• Veterinarian Approved!
We are proud to say that we have received veterinarian approval; To Shea™ treats are
also endorsed by Dr. Elizabette Cohen, a highly respected NYS Licensed and USDA Accredited Veterinarian.

• Freshly Made!
To Shea™ treats are made fresh daily, based on demand, so you will always receive the freshest products... AND each label indicates the date your product was made.

• Chewy and Extra Crispy Varieties!
All of our treats are made with 100% Human Grade Quality Meats. The only difference between the Chewy treats and the Extra Crispy treats is the moisture content of the products.
Simply stated, the Chewy treats need to be kept Refrigerated, and the Extra Crispy treats do not need Refrigeration.
Our Chewy Treats are Fully Cooked, then dehydrated just long enough to bring out the full flavor of the meat and enable the treats to be stored and still stay fresh - But they MUST be refrigerated because of the higher moisture content. Chewy Treats are made with approx. 1 lb. of meat (before cooking and drying). (This product is shipped with an FDA approved frozen gel pack).
The Extra Crispy Treats are also Fully Cooked, but they are dehydrated much longer, which enables them to be stored unrefrigerated and still stay fresh. Extra Crispy Treats are made with over 1 lb. of meat (before cooking and drying).
We offer both varieties since many pets prefer the softer, moister, Chewy type, but the Extra Crispy offers the same delicious taste with the added convenience of shelf-life stability, so you can travel with them or leave them out for your pet to enjoy at anytime.

• "Best If Used By" Dates!
Our products were tested and received approval for shelf-life stability of one year for the Extra Crispy Treats, and three months (refrigerated) for the Chewy Treats.
We have self-imposed shorter “best by” dates to ensure that your pet is always getting a safe, fresh treat. We recommend “best by” dates of six months for the Extra Crispy Treats and
two months (refrigerated) for the Chewy Treats. We guarantee that your pet will want to finish these treats long before you reach the date on the label!
Products can be frozen for long-term storage.

• And Penny Confirms...They're delicious!!!

Our Dog Penny just LOVES Our Treats!

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