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Customer Testimonials:

My 18 year old Lab, Allie, has a sensitive stomach; she absolutely loves these treats, and I never have to worry about her getting sick.
They are great for older pets!

My 5 year old Rottie, Roxie, loves them as well...what a great treat for pets of all ages!

- Elizabette Cohen, D.V.M.
Melville, NY


Here are photos of my long haired chihuahua, Chi Chi. In one photo you will see her learning to stand on my hand to receive her treat. She will practically do anything for the natural treats that you produce. She not only loves them but I feel so comfortable knowing that they are so healthy.
I will only buy Chi Chi food that is made in the USA. I love this little dog and want only the best for her. It is wonderful that your products fit my criteria.
Anyone that is trying to train their puppies or dogs and are not having success should try your products. Chi Chi just loves them.
Thanks so much for making your treats available!

- Jann Oberg
Syosset, NY

Chi Chi on Janns Hand Loving Our TreatsChi Chi Gets TreatChi Chi and Jann


These treats are AMAZING! My dog will do virtually anything for
them. She will sit, stay, come and even shake!
They are "Doggy Magic", the best dog treats ever invented!

- Ray Rizzo
Huntington Sta., NY


To Shea treats are terriffic! My dog Ginger loves them. I am happy that I know I am giving my dog a healthy, safe and YUMMY treat to eat! Especially one that is made in the U.S.A.

- Anna Ruth Rizzo
Huntington Sta., NY

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