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Dr. Elizabette Cohen, a New York State licensed and U.S.D.A. accredited veterinarian who practices in New York City and Long Island. She lectures on many animal-related subjects and offers her services to several non-profit organizations.
She is a pet expert and behavior modification consultant.
Dr. Cohen received her cum laude B.A. degree from Columbia University and her D.V.M.
degree from Cornell University.
She has been the WCBS news radio pet reporter since 2004 and continues to deliver “Healthy and Happy Pet” reports heard every Saturday and Sunday on worldwide and WCBS 880 AM radio in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania. Dr. Cohen lives in New York with her husband, two children and two dogs.

Dr. Cohen and her Dog Roxie
Dr. Cohens Book Cover - Most of my Patients Wear Fur

Dr. Elizabette Cohen is pleased to announce the publication of her new book, “Most Of My Patients Wear Fur: Tales of Small Animals and Their Big City Vet”. A quick and enjoyable read, “Most Of My Patients Wear Fur” offers practical guidance with anecdotes that will make pet lovers roar! It is a compilation of tales about her patients, most of whom wear fur, their owners and their veterinarian. Each chapter offering its own stories and insights- a welcome companion to Dr. Cohen's "Healthy and Happy Pet" radio broadcasts.

You can receive a
Dr. Cohen’s entertaining and informative book;
for further information, visit:

Makes A Great Gift, and a portion of
all proceeds are donated to help animals.

Book reviews:

"Most of My Patients Wear Fur is a must read for every pet owner and animal lover."
-Jeffrey Klausner, DVM, MS, DACVIM, President and CEO of the Animal Medical Center in New York City

"Most of My Patients Wear Fur is a very amusing, fun read. It is like a modern day James Herriott."
-Jonathan Greenfield, D.V.M. and host of the Family Pet Show, News 12, Long Island

“Learn something new about the family pet by taking a look at veterinary health care through the compassionate eyes of Elizabette Cohen, D.V.M. As a twenty year veteran of treating and saving the lives of beloved companion animals and exotics, Dr. Cohen shares her best-of-the-best office visit stories that range from describing specific treatments to revealing some of her clients' most unusual pet-related beliefs. Her anecdotes, including her city upbringing with animals, are informative and are also told in vivid detail with great humor which is sure to tickle every animal enthusiast's funny bone. The book is chock full of pet medical knowledge and a few training tips, and is told in layman's terms making it a fun and easy reference piece. Readers will experience all the important elements of a thorough physical examination while learning about the medical responsibilities of rearing a pet, including the importance of spay/neuter. Dr. Cohen's humane philosophy and dedication to providing cutting-edge care for her four-legged patients and thei guardians shines through. Most of My Patients Wear Fur will appeal to both seasoned pet owners and first-timers. Two paws up!”
-Alicyn Leigh, Pets columnist for the Long Island Press and National Pet Advocate

“Most of My Patients Wear Fur is very easy to read, informative and funny too!”
-Jude Lassow-Sunden, Director of Muffin’s Pet Connection, a non-profit pet service finding homes for unwanted pets and providing a low cost spay and neuter program in New York City

"Dr. Cohen's book is not just for pet owners....when it was over I hungered for more. I didn't want it to end! It made me laugh out loud and cry a little. This book has so many great elements and Dr. Cohen takes the time to explain all that vet jargon so you can understand it all. It truly is a must read for everyone! When you do read it, you too, will not want it to end!"
-Jo Ann Cafiero, Northeast Regional Sales Manager of Evanger’s Dog and Cat Food

"Practicing veterinary medicine since 1988, Dr. Cohen has enjoyed many funny experiences with pets, which she's collected in a new book, called Most of My Patients Wear Fur: Tales of Small Animals and Their Big City Vet. This hilarious and touching look at pets and their owners is a terrific read and would make a surefire delight as a gift to anyone who loves pets."
-Blaire Novak, Editor of Healthy Pet Magazine

Bideawee nominated Most of My Patients Wear Fur: Tales of Small Animals and Their Big City Vet for their "Book of the Month Club." This was their write-up:

Dr. Elizabette Cohen is a renowned veterinarian and radio personality with her own " Healthy and Happy Pet" show on WCBS 880. In "Most of My Patients Wear Fur: Tales of Small Animals and Their Big City Vet," Dr. Cohen shares her expertise, as well as some humorous, touching, and educational anecdotes from her twenty-plus years as a veterinarian. This book is a fun and informative read for any pet-lover and would make a great gift for the old pro or new adopter in your life. Dr. Cohen is very dedicated to Bideawee's mission and has offered to support Bideawee through her book.

Tails Pet Media Group Magazine chose "Most of My Patients Wear Fur: Tales of Small Animals and Their Big City Vet" for their "Book of the Month" for March as seen in their Newsletter. Here's what they said:
"As a New York-based veterinarian and regular contributor to WCBS 880's "Healthy and Happy Pet," Dr. Elizabette Cohen has seen it all. In her new book, she whittles 20 years of experience inside the examining room into 112 pages of witty, insightful, and heartwarming tales. From the concerned and sometimes misguided pet parents who first walk through her door to Cohen's own reflections on two decades in the biz, Tales of Small Animals leaves no bone unturned."

Jason Smith, the editor of Just Labs, refers to Dr. Cohen’s book as "a good home veterinary manual for your shelf."

In Most of My Patients Wear Fur, Dr. Cohen's passion for exam room education of pet owners jumps right off the page. Her warmth, sincerity and humor make those lessons fun. In a profession once dominated by men that has quickly transitioned into a future featuring a majority of women, Dr. Cohen's words allow the reader to experience a part of that journey. She uses education first and backs it up with great stories.
-Peter Freyburger, DVM
Animal Hospital Owner in Buffalo, NY and Practicing Veterinarian for 33 years

Someone who purchased a book on the internet just wrote this review: "Enjoyable and Informative Reading for EVERYONE... An Absolute "MUST" For Any Pet Owner!, March 30, 2008"
I absolutely LOVE this book! Dr. Cohen's book is filled with so much VALUABLE information; you can actually help protect and keep your pet safe and healthy by reading this book. Even if you don't own a pet, you will be entertained by the amusing stories, and you'll impress your pet-owner friends with the information you will be able to share. Some stories give you an inside look at what goes on in an animal hospital (VERY interesting!), and other stories tell about some amazing experiences in the life of a veterinarian. A very funny story about an Iguana had me laughing out loud, while reading about the hectic rush to save a dog who ingested poisonous antifreeze had me on the edge of my seat! The entire book is an enjoyable, easy read - I almost felt as though Dr. Cohen was sitting across from me, engaging in a good conversation.
Highly Recommended!

-Trish M., Dedicated Pet Owner



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